IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors


This course is designed to ensure that people at the most senior levels appreciate Health and Safety.  It is intended for personnel who operate at strategic levels within an organisation whose decisions can directly affect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the workforce. Following the course, your directors and senior management teams will:


  • Understand their roles and responsibilities for health and safety.
  • Recognise the importance of integrating health and safety objectives with other business objectives.
  • Take account of health and safety aspects during strategic planning, decision making and effective supply chain management.
  • Appreciate and understand the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively.
  • Understand the principles of health and safety management, the importance of continual improvement and the role of safety auditing within the organisation.


  • Basic principles of health and safety - the cost of accidents to the business.
  • Concept of safety management - policies, procedures and systems of work.
  • Importance of health and safety plans and objectives.
  • Management of occupational risk.
  • The legal framework-criminal and civil, corporate manslaughter.
  • Corporate and personal liabilities.
  • Enforcement arrangements.
  • Safety leadership - key actions a senior manager can take.
  • Reviewing your health and safety performance and risk management arrangements.

Assessment:           multiple-choice paper


This course is CITB approved for grant aid to registered companies.

Delegates who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate, valid for 3 years.

Download PDF:

IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors


Length: 1 Day

Starts: Wed 12 Sep 2018

Starts: Thu 22 Nov 2018