Highfield Stress Awareness


This course is aimed at raising awareness of likely sources of work related stress, the range of symptoms and the options available for control.  While the level of the qualification is aimed at general workers, it would provide a suitable introduction to the causes of work related stress for all members of staff.

Successful completion will prepare candidates to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the development of strategies to combat work related stress.

            Key Benefits:

  • Understanding the term stress and in particular work-related stress
  • Knowledge of importance of controlling stress in the workplace
  • Knowledge of the typical stress factor in the workplace
  • Identification of stress in self and colleagues
  • Advice and controls in the workplace to reduce stress
  • How to monitor self and colleagues in relation to stress at work


  • Definition of Stress
  • Stress as an occupational hazard
  • Identification of basic workplace stressors
  • Responsibilities imposed by UK regulations
  • Development of basic controls for work related stressors

Assessment: Review of Candidates’ own work practices

Download PDF:

Highfield Stress Awareness


Length: 1/2 Day