Lone Working


The aim of this training session is to raise awareness and build the confidence of lone workers within an organisation. The personal safety of the lone worker is extremely important as they are at a high risk of verbal and physical abuse. The session will stimulate the delegate's minds to identify what the risks are to their personal safety and what good working practices can be used to keep them safe. Advice and practical strategies to reduce the risks in lone working are discussed in detail.

Training method: Classroom style session led by an expert trainer

Course objectives:

  • Raise awareness and confidence within the group
  • Think about personal safety
  • Assessing and identifying the risks of lone working
  • Good working practice and strategies to reduce the risk


  • State your legal responsibilities as an employee in relation to Lone Working
  • Identify foreseeable personal safety risks whilst working alone
  • Review and improve existing safe systems of work and procedures
  • State how to maintain contact with others and how to get help in an emergency
  • Develop individual strategies for avoiding, reducing and managing personal safety risks
  • Develop strategies for maintaining personal control when faced with difficult situations
  • Sharing Practical Skills and techniques for defusing aggression

Award:                     On completion of the course each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance.

Download PDF:

Lone Working


Length: 1/2 Day


Dates available on request