EUSR National Water Hygiene Course


The National Water Hygiene scheme has been developed at the request of Water UK, the body representing the water supply companies across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The blue National Water Hygiene card was introduced in January 2006 to replace all water company specific hygiene schemes and removes the need for workers to undergo separate testing, health screening and to carry several separate cards for each water authority.

Any person working on a restricted operations sites such as service reservoirs, pumping stations, treatment works, wells, spring and boreholes and working on the network of water mains and service pipes must be in possession of a National Water Hygiene card. The same training package is delivered to both direct employees of water companies, and all contractors that work on the restricted operations sites including self-lay organisations working on new development

The key message in the National Water Hygiene training is to protect the safety of water through good hygiene practices while working on restricted operations as defined in the technical guidance notes:


•       The premise that water is a food product

•       The importance of personal hygiene and identification of potential sources of contamination.

•       Awareness of potential for contamination.

•       Vehicles

•       Multi-functional working

•       Fuel, diesel and chemical contamination

•       Water borne diseases

•       Chlorine/disinfection

•       Awareness and usage surrounding approved products

•       Awareness of sampling and audit processes in place

This is a CITB approved course and qualifies for grant aid to CITB registered companies.

Download PDF:

EUSR National Water Hygiene Course


Length: 1/2 Day

Starts: Wed 14 Jun 2017


Dates available on request