CDM Awareness 2016

The new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) came into force on 6 April 2015, and replacement  Regulations for Northern Ireland will be introduced in August 2016.


The HSE Objectives behind the new regulations are far reaching and will mark a significant shift in the health & safety regulatory regime for procurement, design and delivery of Construction projects. This overview will help anyone who has duties under the Regulations to prepare in advance, but please note the guidance may be subject to change while the Regulations are awaiting approval


Learning Outcomes

  •         Identify the scope, definition and nature of construction activities
  •         Outline the legal, moral and financial consequences of failing to manage health                                 and safety within the construction industry
  •         Identify the scope and application of the Construction (Design and Management                               Regulations 2015
  •         Identify the nature and main sources of external construction health and safety                                   information
  •         Describe the factors which should be considered when carrying out an initial                                     assessment of a site to identify significant hazards and their risks
  •         Identify the general site appropriate control measures needed in setting up and                                 organising construction sites
  •         Identify the welfare facilities required on construction sites


Course Programme Includes:               

  •         Legislation
  •        The Relationships between the Client, Principle Designer, Designers, Principal                                  Contractor, Contractors, workers
  •         Client Duties – Domestic and Commercial
  •         Principle Designers Duties
  •         Designers Duties
  •         Principal Contractors Duties
  •         Contractors Duties
  •         Workers Duties
  •         Construction Phase Plan
  •         The Health & Safety File


The course is also ideal as an introduction to CDM 2016 for personnel who have not had any previous training and for senior management who need to know their corporate responsibilities but who will not be involved in specific projects.

Download PDF:

CDM Awareness 2016


Length: 1/2 Day - Dates on request


Dates available on request