Principles of COSHH


Successful completion will prepare students to look carefully at their own qork activities and contribute to the safer use of hazardous substances in co-operation with their managers and supervisors.

            Key Benefits:

  • An understanding of the term ‘substances hazardous to health’.
  • Knowledge of the dangers caused by using various substances
  • A general understanding of the value and purposes of conducting a COSHH    assessment and what employees can expect of such assessments
  • An understanding of the main provisions of the COSHH Regulations


  • Definition and types of substances hazardous to health in the workplace.
  • Health effects of hazardous substances and their causes
  • COSHH assessments and control options
  • Responsibilities imposed by the council

Download PDF:

Principles of COSHH


Length: 1/2 Day - Dates available on request